Topsfield Town Library
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Library Hours
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Book Donations

The library receives book, video and other donated materials throughout the year (see "Gifts" section of the Policy Regarding Art Acquisitions, Long-Term Loans and Temporary Exhibits).  Decisions are made to either keep the items or place them in book sales to raise funds.  The library profits from either decision.  All monetary donations are referred to Administration.

Due to storage issues, the library prefers to take donations during the week prior to each of its book sales.  Small-scale donations (ie. single items or a small bag full) we usually do not refuse, but may need to, due to space constraints.

The library can only accept a donation if the person donating gives their consent for the item to be placed in the book sale if it cannot be used in the library collection.

Please note: the library does not accept textbooks, encyclopedias, VHS tapes, or audio cassettes.

Art Donations

The Topsfield Town Library has a policy on the donation of artifacts and artwork.  Since the quality of visual art is of great importance to the Library Art Committee and Library Trustees, donations of art are reviewed prior to acceptance.  In addition, because of space restraints and the need for proper storage of art, the Board of Library Trustees limits the acceptance of donations to pieces that work with the existing art on display and that will add to the overall collection.  If you are interested in donating artwork or artifacts to the Library please review the policy below, and make contact with the Library Director to begin the process of review.  Policy Regarding Art Acquisitions, Long-Term Loans and Temporary Exhibits.